Covid-19 Procedures

We will follow all CDC guidelines for re-opening, and we plan on implementing additional procedures that I feel will further ensure the health and safety of everyone. In order to maintain safety for all,  I ask that you please read and understand the following procedures and agree to follow them without exception prior to making your decision to book a session.  


  • Prior to arrival: 

    • If your child or any family member shows signs of illness, has recently tested positive for Covid-19 or has recently been in close contact with anyone with Covid-19, please stay home and call 848-250-7737 to cancel your appointment.  There is no charge for cancellation.

    • We ask that until further notice, only one parent/caregiver accompany their child to their session.   This will allow for there to be, at a maximum, 3 people in the space at a time (parent/caregiver, participant, myself.)  I understand the need to, at times, bring a sibling or other family member, and in that case I ask that you enter with your child that is participating in the session, wait until the temperature screening and checklist are finished, and then leave the studio until the session is complete.  Parents/caregivers will be asked to wear a mask at all times while waiting inside the studio.

  • Upon arrival: 

    • Everyone entering the studio will have their temperature taken with a no-contact thermometer.  If your temperature is above 100.4 degrees, the session will have to be rescheduled.  I will take my own temperature as well to show you that mine is under 100.4 degrees, and should it be over 100.4 degrees, the session will be rescheduled.

    • After the temperature check, anyone entering the studio will be asked to sanitize their hands using hand sanitizer provided at the entrance.  There is a bathroom with soap and water available as an option as well, if that is preferred by the participant. 

    • Participants will not be required to wear a facemask.  They may wear one, if you prefer, but it is not mandatory.  I will have a facemask and face shield on during the session, as well as disposable latex-free gloves.  Any parent/caregiver that stays will need to wear a face mask.

  • During the Session:

    • Windows will be left open (A/C will still be on when needed) to allow for ventilation.

    • Our programs call for physical prompting at times, but all other interaction, including modeling and verbal prompts, will be done from a 6 ft distance as often as possible.

    • Hand sanitizer and hand washing will be encouraged, if necessary, throughout the sessions.

    • You are encouraged to bring your own water or preferred drink.

  • Following the Session:

    • We are giving ourselves 40 minutes between sessions in order to thoroughly and properly sanitize and disinfect all areas and equipment.  I have reached out to the manufacturers of the equipment we use to find out how to best disinfect their products. Equipment that can not be cleaned will not be used.

    • This 40 minute window will ensure avoiding overlap of other participants and their families.


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